The best from milk and whey

How are Unteregger Farm products made? The main ingredient comes from a herd of more than 160 German Improved White goats, with curious little eyes and nothing but the best forage at their disposal – real hay and high-protein alfalfa only. Richard Zingerle, farmer and owner of Unteregger Farm, started breeding goats a few years back and soon this new passion of his passed on to his son Manuel. After completing his training as a master in milk technologies and earning a diploma as cheese sommelier, Manuel gave up his previous job as a carpenter and started producing aromatic goat’s milk cheese specialities in his family’s dairy.

That’s when he had a sudden flash of inspiration: why not use the precious whey resulting from cheese-making to produce a line of nourishing cosmetics? After all, whey has been considered a natural elixir for wellness and beauty for thousands of years. This is how Unteregger Farm came to specialise in cheese and cosmetics, premium Alpine products from two valuable natural gifts.

Unteregger - Onineshop cheeseUnteregger - Onineshop cosmetics

The farm and stables

Would you like to hear what our goats have to bleat about and see how cheese is made at our dairy? Then take a guided farm tour! Tours are available on registration, with a minimum number of 6 participants.

The price of 8 euros per person includes cheese-tasting.

Farm shop

South Tyrolean farms and farmers have a wealth of delicious natural products to offer. Visit our shop to buy Alpine delicacies including our goat’s milk cheeses and a fine selection of genuine South Tyrolean specialities like fruit spreads jams, chutneys and dried fruits, juices and syrups, organic teas, ‘speck’ and wine.

Opening times:

Monday to Saturday:
9.00 – 11.00 a.m., 2.00 – 6.00 p.m.
or by appointment
Open all year.