Whey cosmetics

natural care for a healthy skin

It’s important to feel good in your own skin – in the literal sense! Skin is delicate, sensitive protection that shields our body from external elements, contributes to thermoregulation and perceives stimuli like pressure, temperature and pain. Our skin also reflects our health and as our first business card, we want it to look fresh and radiant. So why not take good care of it? Show your skin some gratitude by using natural, nutrient-rich products like whey that keep it healthy and soft!

Whey natural nourishment

for your skin

The nourishing line by Unteregger Cosmetics is produced using whey from our dairy, namely the residual liquid produced in traditional cheese-making. It is a precious natural ingredient, rich in active substances like B vitamins, whey protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorous and iodine – a healing balm for skin and hair!

With its lactic acid content, whey not only moisturises the skin in depth, it also helps restore its natural balance and protects it from germs and external aggression. Moreover, whey proteins strengthen the collagen fibres in the upper skin layers, resulting in increased moisture retention and a fresher, smoother look.

Pamper your skin with a natural boost!

Natural whey cosmetics

by Unteregger

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