Goat’s cheese

a natural delicacy

The milk from our white goats and little else: Unteregger cheese specialities are a natural delight, free from GMO and artificial additives.

Having a low fat content, goat’s cheese is a more digestible, low-calorie alternative to cow’s milk cheese. Not only is it healthy, it tastes great, too!


From goat to gourmet

The milk from Unteregger Farm goats goes straight to the dairy to be transformed into cheese by Manuel’s expert hands. First, he warms the milk and treats it with a starter culture of lactic acid bacteria and liquid rennet to make it curdle. Then he goes on to cut the curd and strain it into moulds. At this stage, it is all hands on deck as the cheese needs to be turned over every second hour. The following step is salting, whereby fresh goat’s cheese is floated in brine to absorb the salt. The cheese undergoes the ripening stage at this point, during which it is turned regularly and smeared with red smear culture; maturing takes between three weeks and three months, depending on the type of cheese. Once the cheese has matured, it is ready to delight your palate!


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